Thursday, January 14, 2010


Critics say this is a conflict of interest

It is not really news since the facts released this week by EVERPOWER were well known but this is the official confirmation that four of the five board members in the Town of Howard have contracts with the wind company and will personally gain financially from installation of the controversial wind turbines.

According the EVERPOWER, town board members Robert Palmer, Bill Hatch, and Lowell Smith all have contacts with the company that means they will be paid by the wind power company. This has raised cries of conflict of interest and even corruption by opponents of the wind project who say they will suffer while the very officials who approved the project will gain financially. It is now reported that Board Member Jeff Gardner has been offered a contract for use of his land for a line to the turbines. However, Gardner says he is not certain what he will do and has not signed any agreement.

CORRECTION: Wednesday we identified Jack Bossard as having an agreement with EVERPOWER and being on the Town Board. He does have an agreement but Bossard actually serves on the Planning Board.

In addition to the board members named by EVERPOWER, a planning board members Dale Smith, is also mentioned as one who will receive money. Two other Planning Board members are also said to be connected to the wind project. They are Wesley Coots and Gary Hosmer.

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