Thursday, January 07, 2010

Cape Wind Controversy Hits New Low, Illustrates Cost of NIMBYism

Editors note: our good friend Barbara Durkin reply to the foolish article by Nick Aster.

To dismiss legitimate conflicts presented by Cape Wind is to display a lack of knowledge of this project as proposed for Nantucket Sound.

NIMBYism is tired obfuscation for which I have an antidote> free research and fresh material on...

wind energy cost


immitigable avian impacts

Cape Wind is a public safety hazard as proposed for Nantucket Sound.

NIMBYism is interestingly subjective.

8/21/09 World's largest wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas, facing stiff NIMBY opposition, has closed their factory on the Isle of Wight. 600 jobs have been or will soon be lost.
"Many more jobs that depend on Vestas will follow."

In summary:

Cape Wind is an FAA Presumed Hazard that threatens navigators, air travelers, migratory and endangered birds, marine mammals, an Essential Fish Habitat and squid spawning ground, fishing ground as well as Sacred Land and NHLs, and tax and ratepayers.

Jim Gordon has a "no-bid" deal for Nantucket Sound as the worst possible location for an industrial scale wind facility. Cape Wind has no incentive to legitimately pursue a less conflicted location and face the competitive bidding process.

Cape Wind is a tale of spin and politics versus public interest and merit. Public interest is served by reliable and affordable energy, not self serving politicians granting unmerited favors to the annointed writing policy that separates us from our money and resource wealth. Wind energy offers a poor return on our investment of public capital and resources.

So, I hope the Tribes success will spare the rest from ignorance and greed.

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