Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Voting machine issues delay Hartsville results.

When the polls closed in Hartsville, Independent candidate Zena Andrus had 101 votes to Republican Alice Bosch's 90. This vote total does not include 9 absentee ballots and 23 ballots that could not be counted due to computer error. The 23 ballots have to be counted in county election headquarters in Bath.

In other preliminary Hartsville town board vote counts: Jim Perry (106), Tom Dobell (103), Nick Petito (92), Ron Amidon (91). Again, there are 23 computer error ballots that must be counted by county officials in bath so this race is not yet decided. The top two candidates are elected to the board.

A major upset in Prattsburgh, the pro-wind supervisor Harold McConnell was defeated by Democrat Al Wordingham. Also - pro-wind candidate Sharon Quigley was defeated and lost her board seat; anti-wind candidate Chuck Shick was the winner. Vote totals are still coming in.

In Cohocton another story: pro-wind supervisor Jack Zigenfuss defeated anti-wind supervisor candidate Bonnie Palmateer.

In Cohocton board races pro wind members Joe Dykman (236) and Jeff Wise (271) defeated anti-wind candidates Steve Trude (157) and Beverly Kota (108).

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