Friday, November 30, 2007

New rural view: Area wind projects in various states of approval SCIDA looking at several next month by BOB CLARK

BATH - As Cohocton wind turbines are being built skyward, local projects are still on the road to final approval.

The Steuben County Industrial Development Agency will discuss projects in Cohocton and Howard at its next board meeting, Dec. 20, according to Executive Director Jim Sherron.

The board will mull over the final project resolution on the 51-turbine Cohocton and Dutch Hill projects at the meeting, and Sherron believes the board will put it to a vote.

“(UPC Wind) completed their final environmental impact findings,” Sherron said, adding only the Payment in Lieu of Taxes agreement is left before the board can look at approving the final resolution.

The PILOT agreement was discussed at the September board meeting, but was tabled after local union officials filed complaints that the lead contractor on the project, Mortenson Construction, was not hiring local workers for the project.

The SCIDA board also will look at results from a state environmental quality review study at the meeting from the 62.5-megawatt Howard Wind Project being developed by EverPower Renewables. EverPower signed a 10-year agreement with the Steuben Rural Electric Cooperative in the end of October to purchase power from the turbines when they are constructed.

One project that has been quiet lately is the proposed Airtricity project in Hartsville and Hornellsville. According to Sherron and Airtricity Project Manager Bob Sherwin, the project is currently stalled.

“The project is in hold for development,” Sherwin said, adding the company is still looking at the feasibility of the project.

“It's been pretty much inactive,” Sherron said. “They completed the scope of the review, but there has been no environmental impact statement.”

Airtricity, an Irish company that operates wind farms in the United States and three other North Atlantic countries, sold its North American division to E.ON, a German utility, for $1.4 billion in early October.

Worldwide rush for wind power could result in massive debt

As told in a recent ad, a Johnsburg farmer who will host wind turbines now has many regrets.

He regrets having been the "lure" to draw in other unsuspecting landowners. He regrets that he has allowed fields to be subdivided, road base to be spread on land once picked bare of rocks, costly tiling to be cut up. He regrets that he's no longer the person who controls his own land and is now told where to go by security guards. He regrets the divide he has created between friends, between neighbors and between family members.

He regrets not having looked into all the ramifications first. That farmer is now locked in to a binding contract. But there are many landowners who have not yet suffered this fate.

Calumet County Citizens for Responsible Energy asks that landowners considering a contract first step back and study the issues. As with any financial transaction, don't put a lot of trust in those who stand to gain financially.

Look for Web sites and information from those experiencing the effects of this worldwide "gold" rush for wind power. People across world are rebelling. They're finding that they've lost control of their land and their lives. And they're in danger of financial hardship if these companies dissolve.

Our irresponsible government representatives are forcing this "windfall" for wind investors on us. Their knee-jerk reaction to the global climate change alarms will cause billions of dollars to be wasted, lives to be ruined, and environments degraded for what is, in actuality, a very inefficient energy source.

With a declining tax base and state and U.S. legislators driving us further into massive debt, taxpayer subsidies for wind will be impossible to maintain.

And with the subsidies gone, what will you be left hosting?

Don Bangert,

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Giants rising: Towers going up in Cohocton by BOB CLARK

COHOCTON - Despite snow, rain and mud, wind turbine towers are starting to go up on top of Dutch Hill.

So far, contractors Mortenson Construction has only started assembling sections of one tower, but more are going up shortly, according to UPC Wind Public Outreach Coordinator Rick Towner.

“Three of the four main sections are up,” Towner said.

The tower sections on the site started going up Nov. 19. Site 2A is on top of Dutch Hill near the intersection of Dutch Hill Road and Fleishman Road.

Additional tower parts and rotor blades are being delivered daily to the sites, according to Towner, and most of the parts on-site already are at the 15 turbine sites on Dutch Hill. The parts have been stored off-site for months, with many turbine blades and tower sections sitting behind the 4M Complex in Dansville.

Most of the large concrete pads the 51 turbines will be anchored to have been poured, and some of the pads are ready for tower construction, according to Towner.

“I heard last week they will be done in three weeks,” he said.

The pads are 57-feet across and up to 15-feet thick in the center, according to Towner. Only a part of the pad, 16-feet across and two-feet high, will be above ground when topsoil is replaced.

Work on the sites began Sept. 18. Despite progress on the project and limited delays since the project began, there is no firm date for the completion of the work.

“Everybody asks that question,” Towner said, “and I have no date.”

The unpredictability of weather slows down construction, Towner said, adding high winds make it impossible to install rotors and upper tower sections.

“The plan is to continue all through winter,” Towner said.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission - Sen Schumer 10/3/07 Letter - Energy East and Iberdrola

Monday, November 26, 2007

Wind Turbine Dangers Our Abandoned Home

July 30, 2007

To The People of Calumet County ,The Calumet County Board of Supervisors, and to The Town Board,

Life for the d'Entremont family since the Pubnico Point windfarm began operating has been filled with sorrow,illness,heartache and disbelief.How could a company be permitted to enter our community and turn our pristine area into a noise ravaged battleground.Why did it happen to us?Not that we would wish it on anyone else.

First off,the community knew there was a windfarm being planned because two of the windfarm owners live in the community.They put up an anemometer tower and formed a company named Landco and proceeded to acquire the land necessary to construct their windfarm.Now thet are leasing the land to their other company which owns the windfarm.

Through word of mouth and some public meetings which nearly nobody attended people understood that the windfarm would be inaudible by the neighbors and would have no negative impact on the community. The residents of Pubnico could not visualize a 400ft wind turbine on Pubnico point or had any idea of the impact they would have nor did anyone research anything about it,including me..Since two of the owners were local residents and were related to most of the community everyone wished them well.

The company kept everyone in the dark about the negative effects and the few who asked any questions were lied to.

The first 2 turbines were operating in may 2004.One aws 4000ft from our home,the second 4700ft.A 120 day trial period was requied to monitor their productivity.We could hear them well and Carolyn,my wife was experiencing ringing in her ears.Visitors would comment that the one 4000ft away semed really close.Some neighbors were complaining they were bothered by them at night.

Three months later construction began again.People were complaining about the speeding gravel trucks and feared accidents.An older woman was rearended by a truck.she wasn't hurt ;but the company quickly gave her a car to drive until they returned her car repaired.Nothing more said.The heavy trucks damaged the roads.It was easy to tolerate the noise and construction dust because we knew it was only temporary.

February,2005 the windfarm was fully operational,17 wind turbines.The windmill 4000ft away seemed far off compared to the one 1000ft from our home.They are loud.They've been compared to jet engines.a plane that will not take off.There is no gentle swoosh,it is a woosh noise.They grind,they bang.they creek.The noise is like surround sound,it's omnidirectional.It feels like there's this evil thing hovering above you and it follows you everywhere,it will not leave you alone.This noise will not allow you to have your own thoughts,the body cannot adapt,it's a violation of your body.It is a noise that the human body cannot adapt to even after more than a year of exposure.As time progresses the noise becomes even more unbearable.

Our 5 year old son Elias was afraid and unable to sleep in his own bed for more than one year.He would get in our bed or in his brother's bed.We would put him to bed at 8:30 and many nights at 11:00 he would still be awake.Finally he would fall asleep wrapped up in the blankets in the fetal position with his head covered and with a fan at his head.we had to create more noise to mitigate the windfarm noise.The body can adapt to the fan noise.In the morning he would get up tired and cranky.In september 2005 he started school and he was not getting enough rest.He began getting more and more agressive with his friends.He was very defiant We knew he was suffering terribly.He's had throat infections and often had a fever and not feeling well.

In january 2006 we had our house tested by a naturopathic doctor and she and her colleagues found the house so toxic that they advised us to move.These people were on our property for only 1.5 hours and they became so weak that they had to leave. The doctor said she couldn't think,she couldn't concentrate anymore.

In febuary 2006 we brought Elias and Samuel(9) to another naturopathic doctor and she slso recommended that we leave our home.

Our family doctor says he cannot prove that a wind farm causes medical problems but he would not want to live or raise children where we are.We have contacted a scientist from portugal who has studied the effects of infrasound on the human body and she also told us to leave for our sake.

We abandonned our home Febuary 21st,2006.

Since the move Elias has been doing much better.He sleeps in his own bed every night.He sleeps partially covered with his arms and legs spread everywhere.It was only ten days after the move while he was having his back rubbed in bed he said"it's nice to be able to go to bed and leep".He is much less defiant .He has become the kind gentle little boy he was before the windfarm nearly destroyed his life.

Knowing what we know now we should have moved a year before.

Our 9 year old son Samuel was sharing a room with Elias.He was also very sleep deprived.He would get up in the morning very tired.We would send him to school tired.He was tired and unable to concentrate and his school work suffered.He was also unable to concentrate on his homework.He began to withdraw within himself.He also began getting agressive.Samuel seemed to be always angry.His teacher asked us what was the problem with Samuel because his change in behavior was something she would never have expected from him.Samuel's ear drum burst while we were there in 2005.He's had many throat infections and many headaches.He has developped allergies.He's the only one of 6 children that has allergies.

Since the move Samuel has improved so much in his school work and his behavior and participation in class that the teacher says she cannot believe that he's the same child.He has not been agressive with his friends.He's so kind and caring for everyone.His headaches are less frequent and less severe.

Our 13 year old daughter Emanuelle had dramatic behavioral changes.She became withdrawn and was spending too much time alone in her room.She dropped her friends and lost interest in school work.She was also angry.She dropped all sports(basketball,,badmington).Emanuelle always had headaches.She became very defiant.

Since the move Emanuelle is doing better in school.Her behavior is steadily improving.Her health is improving and she is socializing. She is feeling better about herself.

Our 15 year old daughter Deminica was having a lot of difficulty sleeping.She was being awakened at all hours of the night.She was asking for sleeping aids.She had numerous headaches and some throat infections.She was very moody.She slept sound at friends homes.She had frequent severe abdominal pain.

Since the move Deminica is sleeping well.She has not had any abdominal pain.Her headaches are rare.Her mood has improved.

Our 19 year old son Nathaniel was sleeping in the basement.He was anxious and angry and was not sleeping well.His hands were peeling often.Nathaniel also developped vision problems.He loses sight completely in one eye or the other for a few minutes at a time.Many mornings Nathaniel had to grab his legs and put them off the bed and lift himself up with his arms.after some time he gets mobile. He has seen a number of eye specialists and undergone many tests and the doctors could find nothing wrong with him.

There was a stair master machine at his high school which wouild measure how many stories a person could climb.Whatever the record was the teacher felt it would be difficult to break.Nathaniel more than doubled the record and he could carry his 540lbs friend on his back.One year near that windfarm he was nearly blind and crippled.

Since the move Nathaniel is not as anxious or angry.He is relaxed and easy going.His hands are not peeling anymore.It took one year away from the windfarm to regain his vigor his eyes are almost entirely healed.

Our 21 year old son Nehemiah was extremely angry and anxious.Nothing was ever satisfactory.He was yelling and screaming.He had headaches

Since the move Nehemiah is much calmer,not anxious and his anger almost gone.He is smiling and laughing a lot and is content.

My wife Carolyn was anxious and she had numerous headaches.She was getting up frequently throughout the night to urinate and she was having pain with that.She could not get the sleep required to be rested.She was feeling her heart racing.She had shoulder joint pain which required cortizone injections.Her hearing was affected on the right side.Her glands on her neck were always swollen and painful.She was feeling a vibration in her lower legs on occasion when she was outside. Carolyn's vision is blurred and the doctors cannot find any problem with them(seems like there is a film on the eye balls).She also has high blood pressure.Carolyn spent more time in our house than any other member of the family.

Since the move Carolyn is not anxious and her headaches are fewer.She hasn't felt the vibration in her legs.Her eyes and shoulder have not fully recovered yet.She is sleeping much better. Carolyn is trying to find help to restore her vision.

As for myself I always felt a sensation in my chest which was very discomforting.On extremely rare occasions when the windfarm was off I could sense they were off without seeing them.The noise was just a relentless attack on our bodies. Evert time the blades passed the towers I could feel it within my body.I was unable to concentrate well enough to read in my bed.

Since the move I don't have that sensation in my chest but it returns when I spend a few hours at our house.

These physical and psychological effects develop gradually and sometimes it seems silly to associate them with a windfarm until you learn that others experience the same thing under similar conditions.

If we would have had absolutely nowhere to go,if we would have been forced to stay in our home,I hate to think what kind of physical and mental state we would be in now.

During the months that the sun is low in the sky we get a flickering in the morning and late afternoon as the sun passes behind the turbines.This induces headaches quickly to those who are more succeptible to them. When the full moon rises and passes behind the turbines the flickering is intense.

We are devastated,we are broken because we have lost the home we built with our own hands and we have lost the land which has been in the family for generations.

Our house is now unsellable.There is nobody in the community that wants to live there because of the windfarm. Nearly everybody supports us privately nut they are afraid to speak out publicly.

We are a community of 2000 people and I did a survey of 216 people and 96% said the windfarm was too close to our house.Also 89% said the windfarm was too loud at our house and 78% said that they felt they were not properly notified of the impact this windfarm would have on the community.Many people will randomly tell me that they sense that the community would not have allowed the construction of this windfarm if they had known or realized the impact it has had.Our local politicians were all in on the great deception. Our provincial legislator said they had made a mistake but we would have to pay for it and put up with it.He also told me to shut up about it.

Other neighbors are experiencing more and more difficulty in coping with the windfarm.Instead of adapting to the windfarm it is getting more intrusive.The neighbors are having more difficulty sleeping and the problems associated with that.One neighbor had to sleep with ear plugs in the summer.Our neighbors are like us they love the area and the land they are on and they don't want to move.Our children were suffering so much the decision to abandon our home was made for us by the wind company.

There has been some noise studies done at our home.They clearly prove excessive noise even with the outdated guidelines they are using but the windfarm is still permitted to operate full time.

The turbines this company used are Vestas,V-80,1.8 Megawatt.The Vestas workers who had experience in a number of areas erecting wind turbines told some community members if anyone complains.give them one year and they'll shut up.In this case they were wrong.

It's still difficult to believe or accept what has happenned to us.It didn't have to be that way.With proper planning and setbacks these problems don't need to arise again for anyone.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Genesee Community College’s PTK Student Honor Society Hosts Wind Symposium

Wind turbines in Western New York? Join the discussion about what’s right for your town at the Wind Symposium, scheduled for Monday, November 19, 2007 from 7:00 to 8:30 pm at Genesee Community College, Room T-102. Sponsored by Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for the two-year college, the Wind Symposium promises to be a lively presentation about the issues surrounding wind power in Western New York.

Two experts in the field of wind energy will be speaking at the symposium. Brad Jones, of Performance Plus Business Consultants in Naples, NY, has worked with a number of citizens groups across the northeast to study and understand the costs and benefits of commercial wind development. Brad works as a business consultant and holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Toronto and an MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Mark Mitskovski was Project Manager for the Wind Turbine Project in Lackawanna, NY. The project, called Steel Winds, took place on former Bethlehem Steel property. Energy developers built the turbines on a bluff created by years of dumped slag.

“Phi Theta Kappa is pleased to be able to offer information about this topic, since it impacts communities throughout Western New York,” said Phi Theta Kappa President Colleen Kowalczyk, a nursing student from Albion, NY. “Hopefully people use this opportunity to ask questions and to learn more about wind energy.”

The Wind Symposium is free and open to the public. Questions may be submitted online prior to the symposium at For more information contact Colleen Kowalczyk, President of Phi Theta Kappa, at

For a flyer about the Wind Symposium go to

Friday, November 16, 2007

Madison County Wind Turbine Bends; wind turbine fails

One of the turbines at the Fenner Wind Farm hasn't been spinning since Wednesday night, because one of its blades has apparently been badly bent. ...A person who lives near the site says it sounded like a car crashing when the blade broke. There no word yet on when it'll be fixed.

Madison County (WSYR-TV) - One of the turbines at the Fenner Wind Farm hasn't been spinning since Wednesday night, because one of its blades has apparently been badly bent.

It's located off Peterboro Road in Madison County. A spokesman for Enel North America, the company that owns the site, says they aren't sure how it happened. General Electric, who made the turbines, has a team on the site looking at the damage.

A person who lives near the site says it sounded like a car crashing when the blade broke. There no word yet on when it'll be fixed.

Editor's note: This is the second blade failure at Fenner this year (Jan 2007). A resident of Meredith NY sent IWA this image:

Web link:;=true

Schumer calls for Port of Oswego to be dredged

OSWEGO, N.Y.-- The Port of Oswego is seeing its highest level of activity in almost a decade. Part of the reason is the increased need for windmill blades and other products used for renewable energy production throughout the state.
But decreasing water levels could force all of that action to a stand still.

Jonathan Daniels, Port of Oswego Executive Director, said, "We want to address this issue before it becomes a situation where we have to shut down or lack access to the terminals."

Shallow water is a result of decreased precipitation and increased levels of silt, or soil in the water. Senator Charles Schumer has asked the Army Corps of Engineers to remove that soil from the port.

"We're very please they brought attention to this," said Daniels.

Officials say the port was last dredged in the 1990s. But the need for dredging exists throughout the Great Lakes.

"The Army Corps of Engineers, they're doing all that they can do in order to be able to address this issue. Again, there's just a backlog of projects that need to be taken care of," Daniels said.

In the coming weeks, the Army Corps of Engineers is expected to visit the Port of Oswego.

Order your sWINDle bumper sticker

Designed by Preston McClanahan, Savoy, Mass.

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Steuben County IDA Nov. 15, 2007 CWW Letter

November 15, 2007

Steuben County IDA
7234 Route 54 North
Po Box 393
Bath, NY 14810-0393

SCIDA Board, Michael Doyle - Chairman, Philip Roche - Vice Chairman, George Connors - Secretary, Richard Weakland - Member, Michael Nisbet - Member, Douglas Malone - Member and John Sirianni – Member:

Attending the Wayland-Cohocton School Board meeting on 11/13/07 it was learned the board has not received a PILOT proposal to date for the Cohocton Wind Farm Projects. Since it is required by law, a taxing authority, involved is to receive the proposal 60 days before a public hearing to be held on the PILOT, it is questionable how you can be contemplating acceptance of the PILOT on 12/20/07. There is also a question of whether the notice of the public hearing in Cohocton on 8/23/07 was legal. It was portrayed to the public as an informational meeting not a public hearing. The proposal was not made public before the meeting which makes it difficult for concerned citizens to comment on something they have not seen to date. It would seem like at the very least a new hearing needs to be scheduled , providing the plan to the appropriate taxing jurisdictions sixty days prior, making it available to the public for comment and noticing the hearing in a legal and above board manner.

Additionally, does the IDA not take title to the project prior to construction if there is to be sales tax abatement for the project? Since construction in Cohocton and Dutch Hill are well underway is this not too late for these tax abatements to be granted? According to ORPS documents, any taxing jurisdiction can opt out of a PILOT prior to commencement of construction. Would the fact that construction was begun, without proper permits in place, and no signed PILOT agreement, make it is too late for a developer to be seeking such tax relief after the fact? Why does this developer appear to be receiving special treatment from your agency? There are also many questions as to who the real owner of the project is, since application and permit documents for the two projects are in a variety of entity names. Should this not be of concern to SCIDA and clarified for the public?

For projects where SCIDA has been the lead agency your culpability may be substantial. Also approval of the Cohocton PILOT subsidies, under these circumstances, may compound liability for SCIDA and enhance charges of malfeasance and gross negligence.


James Hall
cc: Andrew Cuomo – NYS Attorney General
Eliot Spitzer – NYS Governor

Wayland-Cohocton Central School Board Nov. 15, 2007 CWW Letter

November 15, 2007

School Board
Wayland-Cohocton Central School
2350 Rte 63 N
Wayland NY 14572

Dirk Traphagen, John Sick, Dave Wallace, Mark Perkins, Suzanne May, Valerie Stephens, Charlie Brewer

As elected officials and guardians of fiscal responsibility for all tax payers, it is crucial that the Wayland-Cohocton School District reject any PILOT for the UPC Industrial Wind Project.

The Cohocton assessors are obligated under NYS law and ORPS regulations to tax utilities on commercial value. NYSEG, RG&E; and Frontier pay their taxes without “Special PILOT” treatment. UPC must be held to this same standard.

SCIDA has been notified that since construction is already well underway any future approval for a PILOT subsidy for the UPC project would be challenged in the courts.

UPC has already stated in writing to SCIDA a minimum PILOT payment of $2.9 million for the Cohocton project and $1.5 million for the Dutch Hill project per year was acceptable. The disclosed amount for the School District’s portion of the current PILOT amount is $37,500 as published by the Town of Cohocton.

In light of the offensive amount now proposed for a PILOT payment to the School District, it would irresponsible to agree to accept any amount less than the original figures that UPC represented that they would pay to SCIDA.

The Wayland-Cohocton School Board need not be a party to a bait and switch scheme to defraud the property owners of our district. A PILOT subsidy would be a fraud and if misrepresentation of the need for participation in a PILOT was made to the School Board by SCIDA it will proven to be in error.

Citizens and tax payers deserve relief from the burden of corporate welfare that is designed to reward a foreign LLC, dishonest public officials and special interest landholders. If the UPC project is commissioned, the commercial venture has a moral obligation and requirement to pay their full and fair share of school taxes to the entire community.


James Hall
cc: Andrew Cuomo - NYS Attorney General
Eliot Spitzer - NYS Governor

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wind Power in Denmark, 2006 by Dr V.C. Mason

Almost a fifth of the electricity produced annually in Denmark is generated by wind, yet only about 6% of the country’s electricity demand is satisfied directly from this source. Possibly two-thirds of its wind power output cannot be used to satisfy domestic needs at the moment of generation, and has to be exported (often at reduced prices) to preserve the integrity of the grid. Savings in carbon emissions are minimal. Public opposition and reduced subsidies have halted the deployment of on-shore wind turbines for the time being, but political and commercial interests are pressing to integrate much larger amounts of wind power into radically altered domestic and international transmission systems.


Context for Analysis of Effects of Wind-Powered Electricity Generation in the United States and the Mid-Atlantic Highlands


Renewable and nuclear heresies by Jesse H. Ausubel


Monday, November 12, 2007

Charlotte moratorium no longer an issue

A township moratorium on windmill developments, enacted a month ago by the Charlotte Town Board, would have permitted the Town Zoning Commission up to a year to come up with the municipality's first zoning code, allowing the panel more time to focus on controls governing the production of energy through wind turbines.

However, it appears the moratorium is no longer an issue. A proposed zoning code has been completed and is ready for review, according to information relayed this week to the Town Board.

The document encompasses all components of zoning, including regulations for wind turbines, said Kenneth Bochmann, a member of the commission. The information was further confirmed by William Duncanson, the town's attorney, who works closely with the zoning panel.

Duncanson said the proposed regulations will first be reviewed at a public hearing scheduled at 7 p.m., Nov. 19, at the local fire hall.

‘‘The news couldn't come at a better time,'' said Merle Goot, spokesman for town landowners interested in launching wind turbine operations. Goot said the group is currently meeting with representatives of UPC Wind, a firm based in Maine, with a field office in Attica, and Babock & Brown headquartered in Texas, whose officials are ‘‘working out of the Westfield-Ripley area.''

‘‘We will soon select the firm we want to go with,'' Goot said, ‘‘and, at that point, arrangements will be made for that firm to present its proposal to the (Town) Board.''

Meanwhile, he said, the group has been invited to tour a UPC wind turbine site at Cohocton, near Corning.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Danger Zone from Wind Turbines

Molokai Ranch responds to UPC Wind by Kate Bradshaw

Molokai Properties Limited (dba Molokai Ranch) CEO Peter Nicholas responded today to UPC Wind's announcement that it is pledging $50 million to the Molokai Community Service Council's "Buy the Ranch" campaign.

The campaign aims to raise money to purchase all of the land owned by MPL, the island's biggest private landowner. Supporters of the campaign are critical of MPL's Master Land Use Plan, which includes development of 200 acres at La 'au Point and placement of more than 50,000 acres of land into easements and a land trust.

UPC Wind has said that it wants to lease land purchased through the campaign to construct a wind farm that would send power to Oahu and, to a lesser degree, Molokai.

In a letter addressed to MCSC President Glenn Izawa, Nicholas reiterated what he had said in a July letter published in The Molokai Times stating that the Ranch is not for sale.

"MPL is utterly committed to the Community-Based Master Land Use Plan for Molokai Ranch with its resultant donations to the Molokai Land Trust, easement protections and implementation of all other aspects of the Plan," the letter said.

"Because of our commitment to the Master Plan, MPL is not for sale."

Nicholas also wrote that expressed concern about the campaign's "continued efforts to raise funds from the public for the purchase of MPL, knowing that the company is not for sale."

The letter went on to ask that MCSC desist immediately from publicly promoting the campaign and reiterated, once again, that that the Ranch properties "are not for sale to MCSC for the purposes that members of your organization have stated" publicly.

Daniel Orodenker, attorney for MPL, also stated that the Ranch is still committed to its Master Land Use Plan and that it is not for sale.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Glenn R. Schleede analysis of Wyoming County IDA on High Sheldon "Wind Farm"


October 31, 2007

Subject: Comments on Wyoming County IDA Application for Financial Assistance” for the High Sheldon “Wind Farm”

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to learn much from this “Application for Financial Assistance.”

The Application simply does not contain enough information for the Wyoming County IDA or anyone else to make reasoned judgments. Perhaps there is more information publicly available. I have not had time to try to obtain data from the WC IDA or the local government, or to review other documents such as the EIS. However, even with those it’s likely that critically important information is missing. Later in this memo I will offer some generic comments that likely apply to the High Sheldon Wind Farm but are based on documents associated with other projects.

This memo provides comments on:
· The High Sheldon Application to the Wyoming County IDA, and
· The apparent lack of facts and objective analysis of economic impacts of “wind farms” by local and state government officials in New York.

(Click to read entire analysis)

Nadja Laska Nov. 9, 2007 Letter to Wyoming County IDA

Nadja Laska
2027 French Road
Varysburg, NY

Michael Heftka
Executive Director
Wyoming County IDA
6470 Route 20A, Suite 4
Perry, New York

Re: High Sheldon Wind Farm - - Application for Financial Assistance

Dear Mr. Heftka:

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to comment on the Application for Financial Assistance submitted by Sheldon Energy LLC for the proposed project High Sheldon Wind Farm.

As I am not a financial analyst, I submitted Sheldon Energy's application to an independent consultant for review and comment.

In the hope of assisting you and the WC IDA in making a well reasoned and objective decision on this application I have attached those findings and some additional comments.

At this time I would like to state for the record that I am opposed to the High Sheldon Industrial Wind Farm.

With regard to the WC IDA criteria standard which states "The application must demonstrate that significant new jobs will be created and / or retained, and that their project will not have a significant adverse impact upon existing business and employment."

I would submit to you that 9 full time and 6 part time positions for two years at a cost of $300,000.00 per year does not meet your criteria of "significant new jobs or the retention of existing ones."

I would further submit to you that the cumulative construction of Industrial Wind farms in Wyoming County will have a significant adverse impact upon existing business and employment: (e.g.) real estate sales, new home construction contractors, laborers, building supply retailers recreational businesses and activities: fishing, hunting, horseback riding, camping, snowmobile riding, and small aircraft flying among others will be either severely curtailed or completely eliminated.

The unavailability of necessary goods, services and recreation would destroy the quality of life for Wyoming County residents causing them to leave the county, thereby eroding the county tax base.

A reduced population in Wyoming County will have a detrimental effect on the remaining existing businesses and service providers as there will be a reduced demand, higher prices and less employment opportunity.

This outcome would be disastrous to all of Wyoming County and must not be permitted.

As the applicant has failed to "demonstrate a convincing need for WC IDA involvement" the application must be denied.

As the applicant has failed to "demonstrate that significant new jobs will be created and / or retained" the application must be denied.

As the project proposed will have a significant adverse impact upon existing businesses and employment the application must be denied.

As the applicant makes no "strong commitment to hire Wyoming County residents" no priority consideration must be given.

As the applicant's proposed project will result in loss of economic benefits to Wyoming County the application for financial assistance must be denied and the project must be taxed at full assessment.

By granting the applicant of this project Financial Assistance for:

Sales and use tax abatement
Property tax abatement and
Full exemption from mortgage recording tax

The WC IDA will be granting Sheldon Energy LLC's application for corporate welfare at the expense of ALL Wyoming County Taxpayers.

Respectfully submitted,

Nadja Laska

Friday, November 09, 2007

Sarkozy announces new wind turbine policy

Industrial wind turbine development to end in rural and wild areas

The Sustainable Environment Federation (FED), with the heritage and countryside associations who demonstrated in Paris on October 6 against industrial wind energy, are pleased by President Sarkozy’s redirection of French policy concerning wind turbines and renewable energy.

In his comments at the closure of the « Grenelle de l’environnement », the president of the republic announced the end of the « rush » that has characterized French policy on wind turbines up to now and that ultimately means degradation of the environment. New wind turbines will be installed first in brownfields and far from emblematic locales.

In an improvisation that was not in the prepared text provided to the press, M. Sarkozy turned to José-Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, and added : « Frankly, when I see some European countries, it doesn’t make me envious ».

The president of the republic also announced acceleration of research into energies of the future.

This new policy marks the end of industrial wind turbine installations in rural and wild areas. This is a relief for the 800 villages and 52 departments represented in the October 6 demonstration. It is also a powerful contribution to the image of France and shows Europe that an energy policy can reconcile the fight against global warming and respect for the countryside and every life.


The 1500 demonstrators on October 6 brought six demands. Many of them have been accepted : publicize the true numbers of wind energy development (M. Borloo [environment minister] has committed to this), protect public health from wind turbine nuisance, protect the cultural and natural heritage of France, restore peace in the villages, commit to an effective energy strategy.

The sixth concerns the financial scandal of the price of wind-generated electricity. The highly elevated price encourages the production of intermittent energy which does not promote the reduction of greenhouse gases. It will lead to speculative pressure for the few areas in France that meet the criteria of the new policy.

Just as the president announced that the policy of supporting biofuels will be reviewed, price support for wind turbines needs to be reviewed.

Fédération Environnement DurableLes Associations de Patrimoine

Télécharger le communiqué de presse en FrançaisDownload this translation

[translation by National Wind Watch]

Appeal to contact your U.S. Senators and Representative by Ruthe Matilsky

Congressional leaders are considering dropping the mandates for clean energy alternatives from the energy bill.

This means that tax credits for wind could be abolished, and from our point of view that is good.

Well meaning people who don't understand anything about wind are calling our representatives and begging them to continue the tax credits that are fueling the wind projects. Please take the time to call the following representatives and tell them what you think about wind energy and that you don't want the production tax credits to continue.

If you don't want them to think you are just a NIMBY you can tell them that you want New York State to develop a Master Plan for energy that involves serious research into the cost benefit of different renewable plans.

Senator Hillary ClintonPhone: 202-224-4451

Senator Charles SchumerPhone: 202-224-6542

Congresswoman Louise SlaughterPhone: 202-225-3615


The French Take to the Streets Opposing Industrial Wind Turbines

These are amateur videos.
This one shows how many people came : 1000 said the police, 1500 said the organizers, 2000 say some. Anyway, quite a few quixotes who travelled to Paris for the occasion:
This one is not as complete:
As you know, the media boycotted us. But our delegation was received by the government and some promises were made.
At the end of the highly-mediatized consultation on France's environmental and energetic policy, Sarkozy made a speech in which we were pleased to find these remarks : wind turbines are not very pretty, and they should be placed in brown zones first. Ecologist Nicolas Hulot, who was present with Al Gore, later said more or less the same thing.
Not sure if we should trust our "Sarko". But at least our demonstration was noticed by the government, if not by the people of France ( no media coverage, by last minute decision : their camera teams had been there with us taking footage ).
So it was successful, somewhat, on that score.
Its greatest achievement, though, was that it pulled together so many French quixotes. As a result of it, we now have a better organized movement, with a national forum and 20 or more regional forums : http://forum. environnementdur
About 90 people have subscribed already.
This is real progress.

Wind Developers Fraud - Easements for Transmission Lines

It has come to our attention that when landowners are being pushed to sign easements they are told that if the company can't get the easements to go underground, then they will put up overhead lines.

Of course overhead lines will be an eyesore and people don't want them. But the reality is that not only has the town stipulated that the lines be underground, but the PSC has made a point of saying they should be underground. But over and above that, even if the town should change its mind, the wind companies can't just put up overhead lines because they will still need easements. Overhead lines will utilize NYSEG easements and NYSEG does not have wide enough easements to accommodate the 34.5 kv lines the wind companies need.

After looking at some of the maps it is clear that UPC still has to convince quite a few landowners to change their minds in order to get cables from its turbines to its substation. Hagner is similarly blocked, but he appears to be in a better position because there's not as much blocking him. However, at this point neither company can connect.

So please continue to talk to your neighbors about these easements. UPC and certain town employees are doing what they can to imply to landowners that since the town is giving permission for easements that it's just a formality for the landowners to sign. THIS ISN'T TRUE.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Old and Current Wind Turbine Maps

Now look at the added locations below. What will the map look like in another year?

* Rumor has it that the ridges from the Syracuse area to Homer are now being discussed, but not made public yet.

If you know of any towns that have been approached and aren't on the list,please drop us a line and we'll add them.
Erie County shoreline also being considered for wind development:
Tonawanda and Hamburg recently approached from
Shoreline Wind Energy Study and Development
"Erie County, with the assistance of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the Department of Energy (DOE), has conducted a yearlong wind characterization study, the first of its kind, along the urban shoreline of Lake Erie. The study quantifies Erie County's wind power regime at 5 shoreline locations from Tonawanda to Blasdell. The collected data, along with relevant environmental and permitting issues specific to the test sites, is now available to wind developers, municipalities, and the public. Click here to download a copy of the "Erie County Shoreline Wind Study Final Report (November 2005)."

Tax credits add wealth to foreign wind firms

The windup

Eagle-eyed observers of this irregularly scheduled column recall that the previous article concerned U.S. taxpayers subsidizing Canadian ratepayers to the tune of $380 million if three U.S. wind farms are built to supply wind power to Canadians [Outpost, Nov. 1].

You may also recall that U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-Mont., said that he would move quickly to close the loophole and his opponent, Commissioner Bill Kennedy, refused to answer. Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., also refused to answer the question and his opponent, State Rep. Mike Lange, said that the subsidy was ridiculous and an insult to taxpayers.

Round two. When the merger of Babcock and Brown (the Australian finance cartel) was pending with NorthWestern Energy, the No. 1 objection received from concerned citizens was that they did not want to have foreign ownership of our energy infrastructure but preferred that investment dollars stay in the United States.

The pitch

The five largest wind farm developers in the United States (ranked by megawatts) are Iberdrola+Scotish Power/PPM (Spain), 6,027 MW; FPL (U.S.), 4,300 MW; AccionaWindpower (Spain), 3,133 MW; Babcock & Brown Wind partners (Australian), 1,631 MW; and Endesa (Spain), 1,500 MW. Yup, of the top five wind farm operators, only one is a U.S. firm.

The largest player, by far, in U.S. wind development is Spain. Overall, European companies are estimated by Emerging Energy Research to own 20 percent of all wind energy in the United States.

Interestingly, much of the wind power owned by Europeans is not built by them. In March 2007, a Portuguese utility EDP paid $2.7 billion for Horizon Wind Energy of Houston, Texas.

Recently Iberdrola acquired Energy East for $4.7 billion. Energy East is a fairly traditional natural gas and electricity company in the northeastern United States that serves 3 million people. But it has a sizable portfolio of renewable energy. Iberdrola profits have increased by 30.5 percent since entering the U.S. renewable market.

Foreign investment in U.S. utilities was, at best, blasé prior to 2004. From 2004 to 2006 it increased by 151 percent. European acquisition of U.S. “targets” (their word, not mine) is now approaching $200 billion per year. In 2003 in was $25 billion.

Why the 800 percent increase? These are very sophisticated investors who are making investments across an ocean when there are similar investments galore to be made on their side of the Atlantic.

When asked about this, David Nastro of Morgan Stanley’s-Global Power and Utility Group said that indeed the foreign investors seemed to be more focused on the U.S. tax code than on building new infrastructure.

The hit

So what changed? The Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPA ’05). It’s better than the California Gold Rush and Oklahoma Land Rush combined, unless you are a ratepayer or a taxpayer, that is. In the EPA 05 is an extension of the Production Tax Credit of $19 per MW hour for wind power. In a nutshell, if you have taxable income, it is reduced by $19 for every megawatt of wind electricity for every hour it is produced. For the top five wind farm owners listed above that comes to about $10 billion.

The catch

Those $10 billion are not shifted to the deficit. They are shifted to regular taxpayers. Yup, even though none of the top five produce any electricity consumed in Montana, you still get to pay for it with your tax dollars.And what did you get for your tax dollars? Not much. By and large, nothing got built. Existing generation was bought, and the tax incentives were activated, making you a conscripted investor in their acquisition schemes and dreams. Guess that’s another loophole Congressman Rehberg can work on with Sens. Tester and Baucus. Of course, that $10 billion is gone with the wind.

Sliding home

Europeans are a bit more hard-nosed about wind power. They mandate that the wind farm operators equip their turbines with blades that can be trimmed back by 15 percent to help control line imbalance and if there is no market for the wind-generated electricity they aren’t quite as predatory. No such requirement in U.S. law. Or much of any requirements - just a mindless passing out of tax dollars.

Denny Rehberg, Jon Tester, Max Baucus and Brian Schweitzer have all referred to Montana as “the Saudi Arabia of wind,” a great cliché that lends itself well to a 30-second sound bite. And when the Saudi royal family rewards us $10,000,000,000 for buying their oil, I’ll believe it.

Profit, not power, the major goal behind wind farms by John Droz

Due to its relatively easy access to transmission lines, Upstate New York state may endup with some 20,000 wind towers (e.g.

If this concerns you, keep reading. Although no wind farm is proposed for myimmediate area, I believe that all Upstate New Yorkers are part of one community. Seethis Web page for a map, plus a list New York towns where wind farms are beingtargeted --

To make this complex but profoundly significant issue easier to understand I havewritten the following summary. Please keep in mind that my comments are aboutindustrial wind power only, as home based (or boat) systems are usually a good thing.

On the surface, wind power seems to be a potentially good thing: a clean, renewablesource of energy, etc. But scientists don’t make decisions based on first glance impressions.

To come to a meaningful understanding of complex matters like industrial wind power,open-minded people need to do a thorough examination of all major components of theissue, plus do a review of accumulated evidence to date (e.g. from wind power experiences in Europe).

Such an analysis will lead to two fundamental conclusions: 1) there is no consequentialenvironmental benefit to industrial wind power, and 2) it is being promoted because itis an extremely lucrative business opportunity.

Here is a brief explanation as to why these are so.

1) There is no real environmental benefit as: a) wind is an unpredictable commodity. b)Energy generated from industrial wind power can not be stored. c) Because of a and b,as energy demand grows and wind power is added to the grid, 100 percent backupfrom conventional energy must be also still be built. d) Even in the short term, due tothe complexity of nuclear and coal-fired power plants, they can not simply be “turneddown” when wind power is available. In New York, hydro power (a clean, low cost,non-fossil fuel energy source) is typically cut back instead. So, since coal-fired powerplants must operate at full capacity 24/7, and since conventional power plants mustcontinue to be built — no emissions are reduced!

2) This is a lucrative business opportunity as: a) take the cost to build and erect theaverage industrial wind tower, b) subtract from that the government provided financialincentives (your money). c) Then the government requires the local utility to buy all ofthe electricity generated (needed or not) and often to pay a premium rate (again, withyour money). d) After taking all of these numbers into account, each turbine turns outto be a government guaranteed 25 percent-plus per year income generator.

How did this all happen? Basically: a) global warming has become a hot political item,b) so Congress decided that they had to do something to show that they were“addressing the problem,” and they set up a committee to determine what to do. c)Accurately sensing an opportunity to tap into some big money, the industrial windpower special interest lobby heavily influenced the process (some say they wrote theentire legislation — not that unusual. Very similar to oil companies influencing our energy policies.)

The bottom line is that what was legislated was not about helping the environment, andwas not about benefiting taxpayers. It was principally designed to enrich large businessconcerns who wanted to feed at the government trough. Again, (unfortunately) not allthat uncommon. (See

When an industrial wind power developer targets a community, their objective is to putup as many 25 percent income generators as they can get away with.

To achieve this financial goal, developers employ three effective strategies: 1) they notonly take advantage of the global warming concern that is prevalent, they make it intoa patriotic matter to support their business, 2) they know that most people do notunderstand the complexities of the wind power issue, so they frequently make broad,superficial, unsupportable benefit claims, and3) they rely on the support they get from local people that they essentially buy off —with taxpayer money! Some reports show that they particularly target areas that areeconomically depressed to make their “financial incentives” more likely to be accepted.

Since this problem was legislatively created, it must be legislatively fixed. That willonly happen when citizens are informed, and when citizens then subsequently speakup.

As a minimum we need to contact our state legislators to get them to enact at least aone-year moratorium on wind farms. Additionally, the state needs to develop acomprehensive Resource Management Plan to deal with this and other resource issues.

To research this topic to your own satisfaction, please consider the findings of independent, environmentally concerned scientists that are spelled out at such sites and Please consider making a donationto support their work. If after reading these you have any questions, please let meknow at “”.

John Droz, Jr. is a physicist with a 20-plus year track record of interest in the environment. Helives at Brantingham Lake, Lewis County, in the Adirondacks.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Amazing GREED by Cathi Orr

It’s really Amazing GREED Power…amazing in the sense that average people overlook the obvious- Multi billion dollar corporations coming into our towns, influencing our elected officials to plaster these massive Industrial Turbines filled with gallons of fossil fuel, connected by high wattage electric lines traversing our once beautiful countryside, destroying wildlife and wildlife habitats, clear cutting our forests and then insulting true green environmentalists and calling the wind that is chained to all this greed and environmental hazards Clean Green power...

Look what all this love of GREENBACKS has done to our politicians, our neighbors, our over-extended government subsidized farmers…and so it is in Orangeville…

Purpose of meeting- Finish updating zoning laws, Wind energy Laws

David Flint opens meeting with comment about Bob Orr: It would seem that somehow he got a hold of confidential medical information about an event that he proceeded to relate at a wind energy meeting that could only be known as hearsay and could have only been obtained by violating Bob ORR’S CONFIDENTIALITY RIGHTS AS A PATIENT AT WARSAW HOSPITAL. Can you tell us Mr. Flint what county agency employee did you receive this hearsay information from? And what does this have to do with Wind Turbine Laws? Can you say violation of NYS HIPPA laws? Mr. Flint alluded to having the town investigate Mr. Orr even though the information he related in public at the planning board meeting was hearsay at that. By the way Bob Orr the husband of Cathi Orr has been active if vocally protesting the turbines and demanding accountability for preserving the water table as the turbine weight could have significant impact on our wells and has been adamant about adverse effects of these Industrial Giants in an agriculture area and on our property values.

Curiously enough all these threats, intimidating remarks abuse of power of a town official whether appointed or elected were also unleashed later that same night in front of the same witnesses that were there to witness the verbal attacks on Bob and Cathi Orr. The seemingly common thread being disagreement with Mr. Flint over WIND TURBINE SETBACKS…Ahhh in there-in lies the rub… After months of vocally opposing the environmental hazards of Industrial Wind turbines designed for offshore and remote desert areas, and presenting the town of Orangeville and planning board with approximately 400+ pages of documented reports relating the dangers of turbines set too close to residences, public roads, recreational areas, i.e. reports that took citizens of Stafford, town of E. Bethany, town of Castile, 1 year to research, energy expert reports with 30 years experience each of Warsaw’s David Basset and former Western New York resident Glenn Schleede to try to help the town of Orangeville realize the inadvisability of careless placement of these 400ft + Industrial Turbines too close to Orangeville residents homes, farms, public roads, recreational areas because of the dangers of very real accidents and fatalities from documented accidents, blade throws of 1700+ ft, health hazards, noise disturbance, ice throws, flicker, electromagnetic interference with cell phones TVs, computers etc. and minor problems such as running out of water because of disturbance of the aquifer and possible problems with the earth crust such as earth quakes because of the weight of these TURBINES( SOME MODELS WEIGHING APPROX 300 TONS.)

You could understand how this weight might possibly affect the balance of nature even though Mr. Flint and Invenergy’s "wind mill boy" (thanks for coining a phrase Geraldine Luce) refuse to acknowledge these dangers. You see Mr. David Flint told the planning board that 1,000 ft setbacks was not a workable law and that Eric Miller from Invenergy had told him that. The planning board had already decided on this when Mr. Flint demanded a revote. The town lawyer was said to have got up and said " I don’t want any part of this" and then hastily departed, at which an argument occurred and Heather Geoghegan was threatened by David Flint with shouted comments such as "YOU will get yours…Darryl Dickinson also tried to reason with Flint but to no avail- another vote was called and David Flint, Rick Luce( Hans Boxler’s son-in law) and Roe Haufman then voted for 650 ft setbacks from non- participating land-owners such as myself. This means Mr. Flint can get a whole lot more of these 400+ft Turbines on his property as can Orangeville Town Board Member Tom Schablonski and Town Board Member Hans Boxler Jr. on Boxler land in Sheldon. See how nicely this all works together for those that love GREENBACK POWER, and guess what?

David Flint’s son and Tom Schablonski’s sons are running for 2007 Town Council Members! Back where I come from this would be known as Conflict of Interest. And guess what else…Roe Haufman the recorder of the Planning Board Meeting in the excitement forgot to include this whole discussion about Bob and Cathi Orr and the threats to Heather Geoghegan in the minutes of the meeting! And oh by the way Heather is a Geologist specializing in water aquifer and soil contamination testing, a community volunteer with the youth program, a member of the YMCA Warsaw Branch Board of Directors, and also a Parent Rep. for the Attica Central School Committee for Special Education and has no personal agenda for financial gain and will be running for Town Council as a write in candidate in case your tired of Orangeville politics as usual. Be sure to ask your Board of Election Polling Assistants when you vote how to properly do a write in.

A monumental decision is now at hand in the town of Orangeville! Will the Industrial Wind Corporation be given a seat on the planning board and allowed to influence the town’s position on setbacks of these 400+ ft Industrial Wind Turbines? Will Invenergy or any other Wind Turbine Corporation be able to prevail over the safety, health and Welfare of the taxpaying life- long residents of Orangeville?

No not if you say no! The Industrial Wind Corporation can only get a hold of your property and possible imminent domain that could happen if these corporations get so big and powerful that they become a utility and then anything’s possible when it comes to national so- called security. Only you can prevent them by getting the power to go over ‘under or through your land by not signing a Turbine lease agreement or "good neighbor" variance agreement! . If you are not sure where you stand do not let the wind corporation muscle you into signing an agreement by looking at a map that they show you with dots on all your neighbors land telling you will be the only one not making money on this-STOP THEM RIGHT THERE, TELL THEM YOU WILL HAVE YOUR LAWYER LOOK AT THIS AGREEMENT – FIND OUT WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING AWAY FOR THE NEXT 20, 30, 40, or so years. And when they tell you it won’t affect your property values ask them to show you an analytical survey of people looking for rural property among a minimum of 67 turbines in an area surrounded by 800 turbines and demand to see property values in this type of an area that increased in value or stayed the same! I believe you will find the property will be WORTHLESS IN A FEW YEARS TO COME!!!

And to Karen Duboy and people who think I should move from my beautiful 104 acre farm in the beautiful hills of Wyoming County, I did buy the view- Why do realtors describe property with the description "MILLION DOLLAR VIEW." In regard to a person’s right to do as they wish on their own property, please call into mind the second hand smoking laws. Do as you please but don’t destroy me or my life in the process. Respect your neighbor. Why is it ok for you to put up a 400ft+ wind Industrial Turbine that makes noise, causes shadow flicker, ruins the scenic view shed for up to 17 miles, causes electromagnetic interference and has been shown to contribute to autism ,seizures disorders and cancer etc. If you don’t value the beauty of this countryside then why don’t you move to New York City where they need the clean Greenback Energy anyway?

FIRST DO NO HARM! The Town of Orangeville board has the obligation (opportunity) to the people who elected them to look into themselves for deciding the higher consequences we will all have to live with if this matter is carelessly handled. There is a vibration of change, a loud wind a-blowing so to speak in this country of dissatisfied righteous citizens who have worked hard and made a large investment not only monetary but of themselves in their homes, land and they are demanding that the government be accountable to them not some multi-billion dollar corporation.

At this point in time, it will be November 2007 by the time the Orangeville Town Board members will consider this turbine matter. Clear Skies OVER Orangeville Citizens Preservation Group would like to point out that the Eagle-Bliss project will be up and running in a couple months time. Why not request an extension for gathering more information and having the opportunity to observe first hand the noise and disruption and overall effect these turbines will have on the Eagle-Bliss area and the effect on neighboring towns. Let’s face it. The Industrial Wind Plant has its own agenda; Financial Profit. The Town Of Orangeville’s agenda must be first, the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Orangeville and those who choose to visit our beautiful area such as, motorists who travel through this township and people involved in recreation, hunting and tourism.

Remember that to ignore documented accidents, tragedies that have occurred due to careless placement of these babies too close to people’s homes, farms, and play areas will not save the town and participating landowners from potential lawsuits. Even the deep pockets of the wind turbine corporations won’t be deep enough to save them.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Incumbents Deserve No Respect!

The incumbents (they are adults) are more concerned with stealing signs and playing games then trying to save the BANK from CLOSING.

They could not find the time for a joint Village and Town Board meeting in the last few months. So the COHOCTON FIRE COMPANY is not getting the money it deserves to take on the extra responsibility of fighting possible wind turbine fires or accidents. There has been no training or the new equipment promised in the environmental impact study from UPC.

The board has addressed nothing but the wind project for a year ignoring all other resident concerns. We can no longer speak at Town Board meetings.

Jack could not bother to attend the PUBLIC HEARINGS held by the Planning Board. He really doesn't care what you think because it is his town! Wayne Hunt has told us he was not elected to listen but to do your thinking for you! Milt Levesque announced the day after the Republican primary that the election was over and the people had spoken, does that mean Democrats, Independents and other registered taxpayers don't count in his book!

There is an investigation being conducted by the Attorney Generals Office addressing corruption of officials surrounding state wide wind projects. There are signed affidavits from witnesses to payoffs and bribes. Ever wonder why no other companies were considered or the town is not getting more of its fair share? UPC could afford to pay real property taxes and still make a huge profit instead taxpayers will subsidize a foreign LLC.

Are you aware that the No. Cohocton road project is not all paid for by grant money?

It will cost the town taxpayers $100,000. Do you recall any discussion about this with taxpayers?


Sweep clean past failures! A bright future demands new leadership.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

VOTE the Entire E Line for EXCELLENCE

VOTE the Entire E Line for EXCELLENCE
7E 8E 9E 10E 11E 13E 14E

It is obvious that Cohocton has been a one party town for decades. Just look at the entire ballot and see for yourself that the Republicans, Democrats and Conservative nominees are mostly names of incumbents. The same people thumb their noses at you and seek to run our town as a private club for select members. This year's election offers a REAL choice with trustworthy Reform Cohocton candidates that pledge to work for YOU and only YOU. Vote the entire E line for EXCELLENCE. Take back control of local government from a corrupt administration that sold our town to "special interests".

The Reform Cohocton candidates have worked hard and ask you our neighbors to help us put an end to closed door government. Turn out of office the clique of cronies that hold our town hostage to their illegal deeds. The voice of the people can be heard at the ballot box with your vote of support for honest and open government. Break the cycle of intimidation and fear by voting for reform candidates that will represent ALL citizens. The future of Cohocton is in your hands, SAVE OUR TOWN!

Sweep clean past failures!
A bright future demands new leadership.

TV Channel 13 WHAM interview with Judith Hall

Be sure to watch the Kathy Kriz interview with Judith Hall - Reform Cohocton Candidate for Supervisor. The TV spot will air on Monday, Nov. 6, 2007 sometime between 5:30 to 6:15 PM on Channel 13 WHAM Rochester, NY. The interview will be archived on the station's web site after it airs.
CHANGED to TUESDAY - Election Day
Sweep clean past failures!
A bright future demands new leadership.

CPNY Radio Ads for Reform Cohocton Candidates

Listen for Constitution Party of New York ads for Reform Cohocton Candidates on WLEA, WHHO, and WDNY radio. Click on above link to hear the ad.

Shame on you Ted Liddiard and YES supporters

Cohocton Voters:

Many folks have read the full page ad in the Valley News on Oct 30, 2007 by YES spokesman Ted Liddiard, which attacked my wife and Eric Massa. For months we have built a solid and factual case that Cohocton Town Officials and Yes/UPC Wind can’t be trusted. Truth matters and documented facts are true reality.

Listen to the entire Massa in the Morning radio program that broadcasted on Oct. 21, 2007 on the above link:

Judge for yourselves what was said on that radio program. Then demand an answer and a formal apology from Mr. Liddiard and YES Wind for deceiving the public in the Valley News. Mr. Liddiard was a call in guest on Oct. 21 and on a second occasion on Oct 28, 2007 to the same Eric Massa radio program.

YES Wind members debase their own reputations if they associate themselves with the falsehood that Mr. Liddiard was not given the opportunity to speak his mind (what may be left of it) on the radio program. He embarrasses himself continually and shame on you if you accept sure disgraceful conduct.

The public deserves to have the record corrected. Call in this coming Sunday to WHHO-AM - 607-654-0322, 10:00 AM to NOON. The best advertisement possible for electing Reform Cohocton Candidates comes from the words out of the mouth of YES Wind.

James Hall


COHOCTON VOTERS - WE ARE AT A DECIDING - DANGEROUS CROSS ROAD... STOP - LOOK AND LISTEN BEFORE YOU PULL THAT LEVER !" .We must not travel anymore down the same dark Zigenfus, Hunt, LeVesque led self- serving road of years past. Without just cause, they repeatedly rejected citizen public requests for voting on a referendum allowing voters to decide their future then after presenting a legal petition of hundreds of signatures demanding change, being summarily ignored and deemed the petition meaningless and irrelevant. Even those voicing a strong dissenting public opinion, was stated by Hunt as being a "terrorist-like tactic"! Not surprising was not one board member ever had the courage of their convictions to defend their positions in a public debate as challenged, for all to witness then decide. We must demand and expect much more from our elected officials.

To lead effectively, especially in difficult times, one must demonstrate by example the content of one's character. Required is the utmost trust, respect and credibility EARNED to be beyond reproach to all they serve and lead. The town board members have all failed miserably in every category. What meaningful public recourse is then left? THE BALLOT BOX !!

It is time for new dynamic leadership and a change for the better. Your vote can rid the partisan, closed door politics we have all witnessed in the past leaving you with no effective voice at all. If you truly want honesty and integrity back in your government once again led by people who eagerly want to serve you unconditionally with a pledge to represent ALL the people and not a select few, we ask you to cast your vote for the REFORM TICKET - Row E to begin a bright new day in Cohocton representing you in a manner you will be proud of.

With a positive vision for the future led by Judith Hall as Supervisor, Steve Trude and Cesare Taccone as councilmen and the entire reform team, your opinion will always be welcomed and deemed necessary to ensure and promote open honest government as intended and is certainly long overdue.

Thank You and God Bless America,
Charles Kota & Don Sandford

Citizens of Cohocton

The Reform Cohocton Candidates have had the privilege of meeting many of you in the Town of Cohocton and Atlanta in the past few weeks. You have shaken our hands, welcomed us into your homes, and chatted with us on your porches and in your yards. Thank you very much for allowing us your time and the wonderful conversations we have had.

Reform Cohocton has given you the voters a choice this election. A choice to have a say in your community by having more than one candidate to choose from in each elected position. Too often in local government elected officials get too comfortable in their positions and though the town may need a change they don't want to give up their power. We do not let the President of the United States stay and get too comfortable in his position and we should not keep local incumbents in forever either. One may do the job well but when left in office too long they become stagnant and feel there is no other way, with new people come new ideas and this town may need a fresh outlook on how to grow and prosper.

The recent news of the closing of the Community Bank is alarming. The Town board was asleep at the wheel. This is something they should have worked full-time to prevent. It leaves our town without a needed asset and inconveniences everyone especially our senior citizens who may not drive.

We the people need to work together to encourage business growth and prosperity for all. We need to keep what we have and find a way to fill Main Street with new enterprise not more vacant store fronts. Cohocton government needs to be under one roof. We need to consolidate not incur more expense by duplicating town offices in multiple locations.

Cohocton is a proud town with a proud past. Let's work together to return OUR TOWN to all the residents. A thank you in advance for your consideration and please come out and vote for REFORM COHOCTON CANDIDATES on November 6.

7E - Judith HALL - Supervisor
8E - Blair K. HALL - Town Clerk
9E - Stoner CLARK - Town Justice
10E - Cesare TACCONE - Town Council
11E - Stephen H. TRUDE - Town Council
13E - Rebecca CONARD - Town Assessor
14E - Bonnie PALMITER - Town Assessor

CPNY Endorsement for Reform Cohocton Candidates

CPNY Endorsement for Reform Cohocton Candidates

The Constitution Party of New York Endorses Reform Cohocton Independent Candidates

CPNY is a true traditional and conservative grass roots party

For an administration that respects the rule of law, fiscal responsibility and economic prosperity for all residents - Vote for the Reform Cohocton team for bold leadership!

7E - Judith HALL - Supervisor
8E - Blair K. HALL - Town Clerk
9E - Stoner CLARK - Town Justice
10E - Cesare TACCONE - Town Council
11E - Stephen H. TRUDE - Town Council
13E - Rebecca CONARD - Town Assessor
14E - Bonnie PALMITER - Town Assessor

Finally Your Vote Can Make a Real Difference

This year Cohocton has a Clear CHOICE for a CHANGE.

There is an Independent slate of candidates with a VISION for a better and prosperous Cohocton, a place where our children will want to remain, or return to after college to raise their children. Our community needs to look forward with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

I am running for Town Supervisor because I care deeply about this great area of the Country. My family and I have travelled the world and always came home to the Finger Lakes reassured this is the BEST of the BEST, beautiful countryside and wonderful caring people.

Together we can move forward and work toward a bright and hopeful future for Cohocton. As my good friend always tells me when you get lemons you make lemonade!

The Reform Cohocton candidates promise to give 110% to work with each of you in an open, honest manner. All the people, those from the Village, Hamlets and Hilltops need to be represented fairly. I will be a full-time supervisor with my door wide open. Decisions will be made at OPEN meetings with community input. If something is good for Cohocton then it should be presented upfront and with community discussion and decision. Major changes need to benefit the entire population not just a chosen few.

Please search your souls and research the facts, then come out and VOTE on Nov. 6 for the Reform Cohocton Independent Candidates.

Judith Hall

Judith Hall for Town Supervisor - Vote Line 7E
Cesare F. Taccone for Town Council - Vote Line 10E
Stephen H. Trude for Town Council - Vote Line 11E
Blair K. Hall for Town Clerk - Vote Line 8E
Dr. F. Stoner Clark for Town Justice - Vote Line 9E
Rebecca Conard for Assessor - Vote Line 13E
Bonnie Palmiter for Assessor - Vote Line 14E


NO PILOT has been approved, but the UPC Project has started construction. The only building permit fees are $10,099 and $5,069. If you build a house, you are charged at $2.00 per thousand. There are no bonds or escrow provided. The Town Board stated that $12,500 would be the PILOT payment for Cohocton. All this on a project that UPC admits is over $150,000,000 MILLION Dollars!

Voter OUTRAGED should be directed against incumbents this election. "The Town of Cohocton has the right to opt out of the Tax Exemption provisions of New York State Real Property Tax law §487, NYSRPL Section 487 pursuant to the authority granted by paragraph 8 of that law or by any other provision of law".

As assessors for the Town of Cohocton we pledge to tax any industrial project at full value. Property owners who want to lease land to developers must be responsible for their actions. Village, hamlet and hill property owners are being defrauded and swindled. If the UPC project is so great, they and the leaseholders should PAY on assessments that are realistic.

UPC and a few select leaseholders are getting a free ride at YOUR expense. This is wrong and needs to be corrected. Incumbents have a road budget increase of $199,000. Looks like the hard pressed Cohocton tax payers will need to pay for UPC roads.

This election is all about the money you are being told about and promised, while the reality is that your 100% tax assessment was raised on most properties not part of the UPC project. Many properties connected with the project have seen big reductions in assessment. Incumbents are not being truthful.

HOW MUCH MORE WILL YOU NEED TO PAY, because of a corrupt town administration? Your anger against the phony process that will turn your town into an industrial wasteland needs to be directed at your current Town Board and Assessors. If you add up all the figures being tossed around by the Zigenfus administration, the only sensible conclusion is that Cohocton badly needs an independent and comprehensive financial audit.

As Assessors, we pledge to treat everyone fairly and correct the inequitable abuses that exist in the tax rolls. Incumbents do not deserve your trust. Your own financial future demands new leadership, vote for us.

Rebecca Conard and Bonnie Palmiter - Reform Cohocton Candidates for Assessor


* FIRST, require all laws of Cohocton and NYS will be applied and observed by all town boards and every appointed official or employee;

* SECOND, conduct all town meetings in accordance with open committee law and allow public comments at all meetings, limit “Special Meetings” and executive sessions;

* THIRD, allow local citizens to place ballot initiatives on local election ballots and conduct referendums on major town decisions;

* FOURTH, limit all elected officials to a two year term in office and no more than two back to back consecutive terms in the same office;

* FIFTH, select a major, independent auditing firm to conduct a comprehensive audit and review of Cohocton finances, business practices and secure integrity of all public documents;

* SIXTH, conduct a full independent review of the recent 100% reassessment and correct bias favoritism with equitable consistency;

* SEVENTH, professionally update the comprehensive plan and establish a land use plan that protects property values and promotes sound economic growth;

* EIGHTH, develop area cooperation for regional economic efforts, grant applications and encourage high paid permanent job creation;

* NINTH, secure sufficient liability insurance to cover the malfeasance of previous administrations and competently manage future risks;

* TENTH, establish an “open door” policy, monthly newsletter, an up to date web site, and a quarterly town hall meeting for discussing broad range of issues;

The Independent Reform Cohocton Candidates pledge to establish a new direction. In order to improve the quality of life for all residents, a new approach in local government is necessary. The Incumbents have deeply failed you. You have the power to vote for real leadership and competent management. If the practices of past administrations were effective, Cohocton would not be in the mess it is in today. It is time for a CHANGE!

Judith Hall - Cohocton Town Supervisor Steve Trude - Cohocton Town Council Cesare F. Taccone - Cohocton Town Council Blair Hall - Cohocton Town Clerk Dr. F. Stoner Clark - Cohocton Town Justice Rebecca Conard - Cohocton Town Assessor Bonnie Palmiter - Cohocton Town Assessor

VOTE for the Independent Reform Cohocton Candidates

In the Great Dictator film, Charlie Chaplin’s ending speech says: “The way of life can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the way. Greed has poisoned men's souls - has barricaded the world with hate - has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed . . . More than machinery we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost”.

Compare that warning with a statement by Supervisor Zigenfus at a local drinking establishment: “When will those stupid asses learn this is my town”!

Councilman LeVesque stated at a Town Board meeting that the election has been decided. Wayne Hunt now appears to be a UPC employee.

From the actions of the incumbent Town Board, it is no surprise that their plans for another term would bring more of the same abuses. Show that Zigenfus is wrong. He thinks Cohocton is Stuck on Stupid. On November 6, 2007 you have the power of the ballot box to vote for real positive change.

The Independent Reform Cohocton Candidates agrees with Chaplin’s other statement: “We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other's happiness - not by each other's misery. We don't want to hate and despise one another. In this world there's room for everyone and the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone”.

Support our Contract With Cohocton pledge and elect a new supervisor who respects and will represent all Cohocton residents. Cohocton is YOUR Town.

Vote for Judith Hall - Independent Candidate for Supervisor.

Cohocton Assessor October 12, 2007 Steve Trude Letter

October 12, 2007

Cohocton Assessors
PO BOX 327
15 South Main Street
Cohocton, NY 14826

Dear Ms. Damboise, Mr. Densmore and Mr. Domm:

SCIDA has not approved a PILOT for the UPC/CPP/CPPII Projects. The developer has taken the risk of starting construction without building permits. As with any building construction that does not have “special exemption”, the value of the entire project is subject to industrial tax assessment.

These UPC industrial machines, if built, reside on land of several Cohocton property owners, who supposedly have lease agreements with UPC. A host agreement between the Town of Cohocton and the UPC developer does not cover the independent tax jurisdiction of the Cohocton - Wayland School District and the County of Steuben.

Without a valid PILOT, it is legally required that such a project must be assessed at full value and applied to each of the individual property accounts where any portion of the project is erected.

Every tax payer in the Town of Cohocton has a financial interest in the consequences of the proper tax assessment that your board will assign to each of the leaseholders property. Your board has a fiduciary responsibility to compute a market cost value for assessment of this industrial project, publish your determination and adjust the tax rolls accordingly.

A PILOT exemption cannot be approved after the fact. It has been publically acknowledged by UPC that the entire project has a cost in excess of $150,000,000. There is no agricultural exemption for an electric utility, which UPC was granted by the Public Service Commission. NYSEG and Frontier are taxed in this manner, so must UPC.

Although it is recognized that the aforementioned circumstances are perhaps unusual as a normal course of business for your office, never-the less it falls well within the realm of your responsibility and mandate. How you knowingly and intentionally go forward at this point with required and necessary decisions is now the question and will be monitored closely in and for the public interest.

In the interest of full disclosure, the Cohocton Assessment Board should release their full tax value assessment for the UPC Project before the 11/06/07 election.


Steve Trude – Independent Reform Cohocton Candidate for Town Council

Steven M. Sick Letter to Cohocton

From: Steve Sick

To: all the residents of Cohocton

I want to thank everyone who voted for me in the primary election. It's great to know that so many people came out to vote and so many showed they care about the future of our town.

We still have the general election to go and I want you to know some serious facts before you make your final decision on November 6th.

Our present town supervisor is telling us we are to get a $725,000 payment in January '08. There is no signed PILOT program to date. The Host agreement is all based on a PILOT program being in place. There is no Host agreement for the Dutch Hill project. The first payment to be made is $507,500 and then they take out the cost of the building permits. Why would our supervisor agree to a contract that states that the Cohocton project will get 21 turbines or less, with up to 4 years to complete the rest of the turbines without any penalties? And the host paper states that UPC can terminate this agreement on or before September 1, 2008 without any reason at all!

Our town supervisor made a statement that he will cut our town taxes by 30%. The town board can only cut TOWN taxes not the county, school, village or fire district taxes. What does a 30% reduction of your town taxes amount to?

In the proposed Town of Cohocton budget, Jack shows a $161,615 amount for local PILOT payments. What happened to the $725,000 Host payment? What kind of hidden costs are there in this project that we as taxpayers are paying for? In the highway budget there is an additional $199,000 for 2008. Is this money for town maintenance of the turbine access roads?

Please go to the Town Hall to read the Host agreement. We all need to be informed!

Please vote the Independent Line on November 6th and vote for a better Cohocton!!

Thank you again,

Steven M. Sick

Gerald Hedman Nov 2, 2007 Letter to the Editor Corning Tribune

Gerald Hedman
2703 Carter Road
Canisteo, New York 14823

November 2, 2007

The residents of Corning must discover the truth about Tom Reed! There’s a different side to him than the sweet hometown boy image that he is slyly trying to portray. As attorney for the Town of Howard, he has defended the Howard Town Board and Planning Board members against allegations of Conflicts of Interest. Some continued to vote on issues concerning the Ever power wind project after they had signed leases or intended to sign leases with them. Tom Reed was paid by Ever power for these services and by the Town of Howard taxpayers He encouraged the town board to ignore the objections and concerns of residents in opposition to the wind project which will harm the environment, beauty of the town, lifestyles, dreams, property values and possibly the health of the residents. He told the Town Board that a Code of Ethics Board was not necessary to review their actions. Howard did not have the required Code of Ethics. At the Chamber debate, Tom Reed said that there were laws that could be “tweaked”. He has stated that raising taxes to pay for services is ‘old Politics”, that there were other ways of obtaining sources of revenue. The cozy connections that Mr. Reed has with Albany and wealthy corporations have led Mr. Reed to believe that money and greed speak louder than ethical, legal behavior.

”TWEAKERS” like Mr. Reed are filling their personal troths at the expense of others. Corning does not need a mayor like Tom Reed.

Gerald Hedman

Friday, November 02, 2007

Ironworkers Local 33 - Sept. 21, 2007 Letter to Cohocton Town Board

International Association of Bridge, Structural,
Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers
154 Humboldt Street-Rochester, NY 14610
(585) 288.2630 fax (585) 288-3115


Dear Board Member,

This is a formal request to have this letter read and entered into the official minutes of the next Cohocton, Prattsburgh, and Avoca Town Board meeting minutes and The Steuben County IDA meeting minutes on September 27, 2007.After years of planning and anticipating, wind turbines are finally going to be a reality in Stueben County. The skilled construction workers, who live, pay taxes, shop and help support the local organizations and economy are being cheated out of the opportunity to work on these projects. Why, because of greed on the part of UPC Wind Management and Mortenson Construction. The millions of dollars in payroll will be going out of state right along with the workers when the job is complete. Don't be fooled by the age old scam of advertising in the local papers for workers to do these specialized jobs, because there are few, if any that would be qualified. UPC and Mortenson will tell you they tried to find local people but could not, when in reality we have an abundance of qualified, trained people available locally and were told on several occasions that they would be employed and at the last minute because of greed we are being denied this work. The majority of work generated by these types of projects is the temporary construction jobs. The Southern Tier Building Trades represents the largest group of workers in the area and they deserve to get a share of this work. For the record we are proud union members and enjoy benefits that include health care and pensions, which I'm sure the workers being trucked in do not. I have enclosed a copy of a letter sent to Cohocton residents dated April, 11 2006 from Chris Swartley, Development Manager for UPC that clearly states in bold print in the last paragraph UPC's intention. UPC also advertises on there website the tact that they give these jobs to local people. At this time we are asking that you table the request for a PILOT for any projects that UPC or their subsidiaries are planning until this matter is resolved.

Gary Swanson Michael Altonberg
Business Manager Business Agent
Ironworkers Local 33 Ironworkers Local 33